Monday, June 11, 2007

And some butterflies...

A Common Blue Butterfly at Marston Vale. One of a series, this is the only shot with the dark mark over the fore-wing. Must be the shadow of a grass head, but doesn't it make it look a bit like a Large Blue :-0

A Dingy Skipper at Marston Vale. Rather a tatty individual, and also rather rushed the shot. A few minutes later, a much better posed one was chased off by a Common Blue just as I was lining up the shot.

Brown Argus, also at Marston Vale.

A Grizzled Skipper at Bison Hill, one of several I saw.

And finally, a Green Hairstreak at Bison Hill. Not a top shot, the green scales on this seem to have flared a bit, and focus isn't spot on.

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